Warranty Information


The advantage of having us overhaul your pump, or purchasing an overhauled pump from us, is that we will give you a lifetime warranty.  If the pump ever leaks at the weep hole, we will repair it and ship back to you at no charge.  This does NOT cover the cost of removing the pump, shipping back to us or ANY misc. damage.  Do remember it is up to you to maintain the cooling system in particularly good working order and always use distilled water when mixing with antifreeze.  This warranty is subject to the condition of the returned pump.


The parts of these kits have a warranty and if defects are found before you start your overhaul, we will work with you for sure.  We provide detailed instructions with our kits and if follow very closely you should have no problems.  NOTE: This process does require a hydraulic press as well as an assortment of tools to use with the press.  I usually send instructions just prior to shipping the kit, so if you read them and decide it is not something you want to tackle, let us know before we ship the kit.


If any part(s) that you purchase are defective or not as described, please contact us with a photo if possible. We are not liable for any damage caused by shipping.


All used parts are sold as is and please be advised to inspect the photos carefully. Please contact us for any additional information or details of the product before purchasing. More info does not apply to the "lots" we have for sale as these products are already packaged for shipment.